Weekend Update

It's been a crazy weekend but it's been so much fun!!! Friday night Tyler, Tory, Bradlee, and Brock arrived. Bradlee has gotten so big! And she's talking now which threw me off a bit at first. For example, I was playing with her in my mom's room and she started laughing and ran out of the room. So I called after her in a sad voice, "Bradlee!" Just to see what she'd do. 2 seconds later she poked her head around the door and said "What?" I was shocked she actually talked to me lol. But it was the cutest thing ever. I've been having so much fun with her!! To explain the pictures, she's quite a handful. The top one where she's sleeping is a funny story. She was getting grouchy and needed a nap. So we put her in my mom's room and shut the door. She of course didn't like that so she cried and cried. Well after a while she stopped and we went in to check on her. She had found the satellite remote and had turned on just the TV, but not the satellite. So the tv had the snowy screen and was making that fuzzy sound. And she was asleep just like the picture. It was hilarious!! Also, when she was with me when I was getting ready to go to the temple. She watched me put on my heels and tried to copy me with a pretend shoe. When we got back and I took my shoes off, she ran over to them and put them on and started walking around hahaha!! And let me tell ya, she is a pro! She was walking over air mattresses on those suckers and didn't even stumble. Way to go!!
Okay, switching babies, Brock is so sweet! He's very cuddly which is awesome. And he's way too cute for words. I cant wait to watch him get as big as Bradlee. The best part about them coming though has been watching Collin. Neither of these kids existed when he left so it's been funny to see him interact with them. I asked him if he wanted to hold Brock for the first time and he said no because he doesn't know what to do. So I helped him. A little while later Brock started moving around and it looked like he was going to start getting fussy. Collin was like "Um.... Mom?...Someone?" haha he freaked out. He's getting better though. It's been fun.
Also, last night I went to the temple to receive my endowments. I wont talk much about it because it's very personal. But it was awesome and it was not even close to being as weird or intense as I imagined. It was great. the small, hard to see picture above is me and Cory after the session. No one remembered a camera so we had to use his cell phone lol. But it was amazing to have my whole family there with me. They were all waiting in the celestial room for us when Cory and I walked in. It reminded me of heaven. Everyone was smiling and so happy to see me and the love in the room was..... I cant explain it. It was so incredible. I love my family so much and it's meant so much to me to have them all there. I don't want Tyler and Tory to leave :(
Overall it's been an amazing weekend. Today Collin will speak in sacrament meeting and we'll have family over. I'm really excited. I'm sad to see this weekend coming to a close. But it's one I'll never forget.

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