I Guess It Needed To Be Said

Alright, first off, I have some bad news. A lot of you have been asking to see bridals. I'm not going to show them :(. I kinda don't want a whole lot of people seeing me in my dress before my wedding day. I don't know, it's just something I want to keep a surprise. That's one of the main things people anticipate when they go to weddings/receptions - what the bride looks like. And it'll be no fun if everyone has seen me already. I'm really sorry friends. But hey, you'll see them at the reception! :P

I started working at the school district again yesterday on the mow crew. I forgot how much hard work this job can be. I'm pretty sore. But I'm liking it so far. My crew seems pretty cool. Cory is also working at the District this summer but sadly not with me. Although it's been fun seeing him every morning. I just feel like I get to start my day off right now. I love that man more than I could ever describe.

Collin comes home from his mission in Ft. Lauderdale on the 19th of this month. I'm so excited!! I've missed him more than I realized. And I'm pretty sure I want to be the first one to hug him. So he'll come home that Thursday. Then Friday, Tyler and Tory and their kids will be coming out and I'll FINALLY get to see Brock!! I've missed them all so much. Our family isn't whole with them gone. Then Saturday I go the the Bountiful Temple to receive my endowments. This is something I have mixed emotions about. First and foremost, I am excited! I'm ready and willing and make the sacred covenants. I'm actually excited to wear garments. And I'm thrilled to be able to have a scared place to go with Cory to feel the spirit and receive inspiration. But, I am also nervous. I'll be honest, I'm getting sick of people saying how weird it is. I know that already. I've been told that 100 times. I'm not worried it's going to shake my faith. I just hate not knowing what to expect. But for this particular occasion, that's okay with me. I'm slightly nerved, but fine. I'm not going to think we're crazy colt freaks. I know that anything that is a priesthood ordinance is right and has it's meanings no matter how weird it is. If you think about it, baptism is weird. So it taking the sacrament. Or praying. But we know it's all true. I know there is a lot to take in. I know it's different. I know I'm not going to understand things right off. I don't care. I'm still excited.

I didn't mean to start a tangent here, but this blog is kind of a venting place and there is something I need to vent about and I was thinking about it while writing the previous paragraph. I'm about to enter the next chapter of my life. I'm getting married. This will be the best time of my life. So what's bothering me is, I wish people would let me enjoy it. Let me explain. I know people are just either making conversation or trying to offer advice or whatever when they do what I'm about to explain, but it's still annoying. What's bugging me is the "I've already done it so let me help you out and tell you how it's going to be" mentality. Now, I DO NOT want to step on any toes here, so whoever is reading this, please don't take offense. This isn't about any one particular person or instance. It's just a build up of stuff. I feel like I cant even talk about wedding stuff without people giving me their 2 cents. I appreciate the advice but listen to me: EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS DIFFERENT! Just because something happened one way with you, DOES NOT mean it will be the same with me. I know marriage is a challenge. But just because you and your husband/wife fought during the first month of marriage doesn't mean I will with Cory. It's going to be an adventure and I want to figure this out on my own and experience it MY way. I don't want to be thinking something is wrong with us just because it happened in a different way with some other couple. It's going to be uniquely Megan and Cory. Period. And another thing, sex between Cory and I will be sacred and private and I'd really appreciate no more jokes/advice/whatever about it.

Wow, sorry I didn't meant to sound so angry. I'm just ready to experience life for myself, not have people tell me how it's going to be. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, I think that's all I'd better say for now.


Christensens said...

Okay Megan, here are my 2 cents. :) Marriage it fantastic!! I love everything about it! I am so happy for you to spend time with your best friend. P.S. there has only been one fight between me and Josh. Our whole 19 months!

Unknown said...

Haha Megan you are so funny! Sorry if I was one who gave you too much advice because I hate that too. But you know what marriage is awesome!! And that's not advice I am just stating the truth:)

Unknown said...

So you will have to post pics later because I won't be in Utah for the wedding!!! Also, my brother is getting home that same day from Fort Lauderdale...he was an ASL missionary! Good luck with the wedding!