I get a lot of questions about what life is going to be like after the wedding. So I think I'll give everyone the info here. We'll be sealed June 26th in the Salt Lake Temple. Side note, I was reading the Ensign supplement this morning about President Monson and I was really struck with how awesome that temple is. He and his wife were sealed there. Many prophets and apostles were. There is so much history in that sacred building. I wonder if we'll be sealed in the same room as them? Or my parents? Anyway its awesome. Lets get back on track...
After the wedding we're going down to Vegas for our honeymoon. I'm kinda nervous about it because Vegas has gotten SO bad. But the reasons we decided to go are as follows:
1. We've already been there. Why spend the money and time to go somewhere exotic that we haven't seen when all we'll want to do is spend time with each other? We can go somewhere cool for an anniversary and then we'll have the time to see everything.
2. It's far enough away that is feels like a vacation but close enough that gas will only cost us $45,000 :P
3. There's enough wholesome activities to do down there when we decide we want to go out. And the pools rock!
4. The buffets. Need I say more?
5. There's a temple there - so we're going to go.
So that's why we chose Vegas. We're not going to gamble or partake in the sleaze down there.
After the honeymoon we'll make our home in Bountiful. Cory currently lives with his Grandma in a house his parents own. The house has an upstairs apartment and a basement one. There are currently renters in the basement till August, so Cory's aunt Rhonda is being a saint and has offered to take Grandma until then so we can have the upstairs. Then the renters will leave, we'll take the basement and Grandma will come back. The house is by Dick's market. While we live there we've offered to help his parents update the place a little here and there so when they sell it, they can get a better value. Cory and I will both continue to work for the school district until August. Cory is also working a couple nights a week at Dick's this summer. In August, he'll go back to school and finish his last year on his welding degree, then hopefully he'll be able to find a job right away. There is a high demand for welders so.. cross your fingers. He will also still work at Dick's, but more frequently. I will also return to school in August, both teaching and learning. I'm returning to first grade at Legacy Preparatory Academy during the day, and at night I'll be going to SLCC to finish up some classes so I can make more money :). It's going to be tough and we'll both be very busy, but we're excited.

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