He's Home!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a day!! First off, Collin is home!!!! This morning we went to the airport to pick him up. His flight was supposed to land at 10:14 so we waited a while. Finally his flight status changed to "arrived", so we got up and moved over to the terminal gate to watch for him to come down the escalator. We waited and waited and waited - no Collin. After almost a half an hour, he's still not coming. We knew he was coming home with about 5 other missionaries. We looked around and we were the only family in the terminal... something wasn't right. So Lisa went to the baggage claim area to see if his flight number had popped up on there yet. She comes back and says "His flight isn't over there, but if I'm reading the screen right, it says he's supposed to be at baggage claim 7 which isn't over there." Uh oh! So we quickly asked the security lady where baggage claim 7 was. She replies "That's over in the Delta Terminal." CRAP!! We were in the wrong terminal!!! I let out a gasp, and we high tailed it to the Delta Terminal. We raced inside and we can see missionaries hugging their families and people taking pictures like crazy. My eyes were scanning the crowd looking for Collin. The second I saw him, I broke into a sprint and ran at him full speed!! And cried! But I feel so bad because since we were in the wrong place, he came down the escalator with those other missionaries all excited and expecting a warm welcome and we weren't even there! It breaks my heart! And yet it's kind of funny. But he's home safe and he's awesome! He looks exactly the same and I think he'll adjust well. I love that big guy and I'm so happy to have him here again.


Kathryn said...

YAY!!! Welcome home Collin!

Unknown said...

That is so awesome! I can't believe how tall Collin is, I still remember him as this little 13 year old boy! Remember when we drove to Boulder Colorado with him and Shasta in the back, now those were some good times! Tell Collin I say welcome home:)

KG said...

Hooray!! What a champ. I am so happy for your family! P.S. You look super hot in that picture. Pink is definitely a good color for you. Did that sound creepy? I hope so. That is always my intent, of course.