The Calm Before the Storm

This is probably going to be my last post until after the honeymoon. In case you didn't know, I'm getting married in a day!!! AH!!! :)

I thought this week would be hard because I'd be too excited to stand myself. WRONG! It's been bad because Cory and I have been so stressed we actually have been fighting a bit. It's always weird when we fight because we rarely do it, so when it happens, we don't really know what to do haha. One thing I absolutely love about him though is that he cant stand to see me cry. You can see the pain on his face when he see's me upset. That's true love right there. Gosh I am so lucky to have him in my life!! Anyway, today we talked about our mood swings. So we're good again. And to set the record straight, we are both extremely excited!!! It felt like this day would never arrive! I feel like I should give some sort of speech as I bid farewell to the single life. Which is weird, I know. Especially since I wont miss it :P. But instead I've decided to post some things that I learned over my 5 years of post-high school dating.
1. Stand up for yourself. You deserve to be happy so don't ever let anyone ever do anything to you that will rob you of that.
2. Always have fun.
3. Don't waste time over bad feelings. Whether they be from a fight with your current "mate" or from a break-up, it's damaging to the soul to harbor those emotions. Do your best to let them go.
4. Be vocal about how you feel. Don't make others play the guessing game. It's frustrating.
5. Don't ever sacrifice your beliefs and standards for someone else. If lowering your expectations is required to be with them, they aren't worth it. Walk away.
6. Cherish your friends. You never know how much you might need them.
7. Always trust in the Lord. Things may get hard and seem impossible. Relying on him will get you through anything.
8. Don't ever let anyone else make you feel like less of a person. And don't take any "constructive criticism" about your appearance either.
9. Don't say "I Love You" unless you really mean it.
10. Do your absolute best to not get discouraged. Remember life has a timeline and things will work out the way they are supposed to.
11. Don't underestimate people. That holds true for both ways. See the good and notice the bad.
12. Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone a little bit. You can make great memories and meet good people that way.
13. Last but not least, love who you are. How can anyone else love you if you don't love yourself first?

I'm pretty sure this is a useless blog, but I'm feeling sentimental right now and wanted to waste my night writing about sappy things. Until next week my friends, I bid you farewell. I'll be Megan Hunter!!


Kathryn said...

Megan how exciting! What good advice that was! I have really enjoyed following your life the last little while. I hope you will have a beautiful, stress-free and wonderful day on Thursday and an ever more wonderful honeymoon. You DESERVE IT! Good luck! I'm so happy for yoU!

la fashionista said...

Eeek! I can't believe it's so soon! I'm so excited for you (and for the fact that I will be seeing you soon)! ...Too many exclamation points...I'm tired.

Unknown said...

Ah! I am so excited for you! I have been looking forward to tomorrow all week b/c I know how happy you are going to be! I can't wait to see you tomorrow, you will be glowing I'm sure!