Before I Sleep

I was just having some thoughts that I wanted to get out. I understand no ones perfect and we all make mistakes. Some of us really stumble and loose our way. But it makes me so sad to see people giving up what they believe in. It really does break my heart to see people who were raised in the church and should know better, throw their lives away to the things they know are wrong. People who once had such strong testimonies and the light of Christ in their eyes. It's so hard to see. I cant imagine how the Lord feels watching his children make choices that wont let Him hold them again. It makes me emotional and hurt inside. I wish people would be willing to stand up for their beliefs and convictions. Like I said, well all make mistakes. It's the ones who give up or willingly decide to abandon the one thing that can bring joy to their lives that make me so sad.

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lexxie1979 said...

I found your blog in passing and I I just want you to know that just because someone doesnt choose to live their life like you do or believe in the same religion or lifestyle that you do doesnt mean that they are going to hell or god is not in their life. I find it completely ignorant of you to make a statement or even a whole blog about what other people choose to do in their own personal lives. If someone isnt LDS how does that affect any part of your life? Oh thats right...it doesnt. Get off your high horse and maybe realize that just cuz you tell everyone what you believe in in every blog you write doesnt mean you're going to heaven sister. I believe accepting people and not judging people is what christ instructed us to do...But I guess when you're an ugly person you have to pick people apart or put them down in order to feel better about yourself... It's ok honey, I guess we're all judging you too