When the Doctor Said I Didn't Have Worms Anymore, That Was The Happiest Day of My Life!

Hello friends! As you can see I did some tweaking to my blog page. It looks much better don't ya think? Anyway, it's been a few days so I'll fill ya in on what's going on.

Collin, my little brother - well I guess I should say younger brother because 6'4" is far from little - is coming home from his mission in exactly 1 month from tomorrow. I'm so excited I might die. I've missed him a lot. Hopefully he still has some normality in him because I'm planning on watching The Simpson's and The Office with him all week before the wedding lol. And I've called dibs on being the one who gets to show him Transformers. He's going to pee his pants! So I'm pretty excited for that.

The doctor called me. I have two small cysts on my left ovary. I'm really hoping she read the test wrong because my pain is on my right side.... so yeah. Anyway, they're now going to hand me over to the gyno, which I wont see till the 28th anyway, so there wont be any news on that for a bit. It hurts occasionally but I'm doing okay.

Yesterday Cory, my Mom, and I went and made our invitations. What basically happened was I told my Mom what I wanted and she moved the mouse around and Cory spent his time getting distracted until I called him back to ask him what he thought :). So the invites have been designed!! Now my Mom just needs to fix a typo (she spelled our last name wrong... yeah...) and then we can take it in to Costco and have them printed this coming week. It's so crazy!! The wedding feels more and more official with each major thing we get done. I also got my bridals done and I should have the proofs by Tuesday. I wont post any online though for fear of Cory peaking.

What else... Cory is getting more and more sunburned mowing lawns. I have two more weeks of school and then I'll be right there with him. I'm really excited. If you need a great summer job, go mow lawns for the Davis School District. It's a blast!! Cory is taking the summer off of school, it's a much needed break for him. Both he and I will be going to SLCC this fall, although I'll just be taking a couple online classes or something. He'll be going full time. I'm really anxious to get my schooling done.

So that's what's going on. I'm so excited to get married people!!! Cory is so perfect. I love him.


la fashionista said...

I love the new layout! And I want to see more pictures. Pict-ures, pict-ures, pict-ures! Yeah...that doesn't make a great chant.

Love your guts and their beautiful encasing!

Christensens said...

Super cute pix! I want to see them all!! I love you page too. I can't wait to see the invites. So happy for you

Tyler + Jess said...

your pictures are adorable! who took them?