"How Much Do I Owe You For Those Pearls of Wisdom?"

Some pearls of wisdom before I go to bed:
1. David Archuleta is still adorable and extremely talented and I'm going to buy his album when he makes one - and he will.
2. I wish there was a "Picking A Ripe Pineapple Idol" because tonight I would have tanked the competition.
3. I DO NOT miss high school. Never have, never will.
4. I'm completely at a loss for what to do with my Thursday nights now that The Office is over... maybe I'll go to yoga.
5. Adding another pillow to your sleeping ensemble can really give you headaches.
6. Carrie Underwood may have traded her innocence for cleavage and mini-skirts, but she's still the most beautiful person I've seen and I'd kill to look like her.
7. I'm tired, but in love and excited for the next 5 weeks or so in my life. Goodnight!!

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la fashionista said...

As much as I hate reality TV and what it does to both viewers and participants (except, for obvious reasons ANTM), I have to say, I was pretty bummed about tonight's AI finale. I don't know if it's because of the whole David Archuleta association or because I *SO* despise David Cook's vocals. It bothers me so much that he gets constantly praised for his original sound...but it sounds exactly like Creed/Nickelback/Staind/crappy other bands that sound like those others.

I misses you.