Time is going by so fast!! Yesterday Cory and I went and had our engagements done around downtown Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun and our photographer is way cool so it wasn't awkward at all. Tomorrow I got get my bridals done. He also said he'd have the cd done of the engagements tomorrow so I can post some soon. I cant wait to see how they turned out. Now we can start making invitations!!! And start/finish the video. I've been trying really hard to enjoy this time in my life. Everyone who's ever gotten married has told me they wanted to pull their hair out by the end of their engagement. I don't want to be like that. I'm never going to experience this again so I want to enjoy it while I can. It seems to be working. Today I actually wanted to go finish up some last minute planning and my Mom was the one who didn't feel like it... it was weird.

I also got some relieving news. I called the doctor today to find out the results of my second ultra-sound. The receptionist told me I have a cyst of some kind, but the doctor needs to look at it tomorrow when he gets in and call me back. Although a cyst isn't fun, at least I FINALLY know there the pain is coming from. And worst case scenario, I'll need very minor surgery to remove it. So I'm not worried and I'm not going to be unless there is a reason. I'll keep everyone posted on what happens. I feel like some kind of online drama show...

Also today, the kids had their "specials performance" that they do for their parents and the school to show what they've been learning in their specials classes. Today the class recited 3 poems and they did such an amazing job!! Everyone followed directions and did their best. I was beaming with pride and I even started to tear up... I'm such a softy. I'm really going to be sad the last day of school :(

Anyway, that's the update on life right now. It's getting pretty exciting!

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Christensens said...

I am so happy that you met someone so awesome for you!! I know I say it all the time. :) I am so glad to hear that it may just be a cyst. Keep me updated though. Love ya! AND I better see those bridal engagement pictures soon!