Understanding Megan More Deeply

Okay folks, I'm WAY bored!! 3 posts in one day you say?? Is that possible? Egads! Yes my friends, I am taking over my very own blog and writing on it. Lots. Perhaps too much? Meh, I don't care. I need something to entertain me. That, and if I have to listen to the air compressor of my parents nail gun one more time, I might explode. It's true. I can promise it will be messy. Walls will need to be scrubbed. Anyway, far more people actually read my blog than I realize so I decided to give you some pointless facts about myself to help you understand me a bit better. Wait, if these facts have a purpose, then they aren't pointless... hmm... we'll come back to that one...
1. I'm complicated. Hello, I'm a girl. But I have deeper emotions and scars than even I've realized.
2. I have cat like speed and reflexes.
3. We should continue this conversation during our designated break period. Sincerely, Homer Simpson... wait. Sorry.
4. I LOVE the Simpsons and the Office. I've also let King of Queens grow on me although I don't have the DVD's to watch over and over again and I'm too cheap to buy them. I'll have to download it or something.
5. I've been through a lot during my short time on earth. My life and everything in it has made me the person I am inside and I'm grateful for that.
6. If I don't know you, I probably wont talk to you. I'm often deemed as a "brat" or "snot" because I'm not chatty. I'm hoping this isn't the case.
7. In relation to number 6, I'm a people watcher. In a big crowd of people I don't know, I'm not shy although I may come across that way. I just watch people and see how they interact with others.
8. One of my many flaws, I can judge too quickly. But my mind can be changed.
9. I have a hard time giving people second chances, although I forgive too easily. Paradox.
10. I can get bugged easily. My patience tends to wear thin sometimes.
11. I adore people with a good sense of humor. You will become my favorite person if you are funny. And I mean naturally funny, not like those dorks who work too hard at it.
12. One of the hardest thing I deal with in my self-esteem regarding my outward appearance. I've always struggled with liking how I look. And I'm NEVER satisfied with my weight. And if someone says something hurtful about me, like when a first grader asks "Are you pregnant teacher?" I may act like I'm just brushing it off, but it really does cut me. (The first grader example was a bad one, that didn't cut me. There's a story behind that one.)
13. I'm incredibly lazy.
14. My weakness is peanut M&M's - which I am eating right now.
15. I'm a cat lover. There I said it. I'll be awaiting your hate mail and flaming poop bags.
16. I also love dogs and I REALLY want a puppy. I keep begging Cory for one. I'll just keep reminding him they're easier than a baby :)
17. I'm afraid of deep dark water, sharks and whales (yes, whales), the dark, spiders, riding horses, and being on anything I don't have control over. For example, I will never be the passenger on any ATV or water vehicle because I wont be in control. No, this isn't a power struggle. I just hate not knowing when the dang contraption is going to turn.
18. I love music. I'm a piano player on my days off and I love to sing. And I will admit I miss choir.
19. I'm a tomboy at heart. I love the outdoors and camping and sports. Well most sports. My secret wish growing up was to play for the WNBA. I'm kind of glad I didn't get to that point. 1, I currently suck at basketball and 2, no one cares about the WNBA. Sad but true.
20. I love to annoy people who ask for it.
21. I would like to take number 21 as an opportunity to tell you that the air compressor went off again and I DIDN'T explode like originally hoped. Poop.
22. Something that drives me crazy is when people assume things about me without getting their facts straight.
23. I'm the spitting image of my mother.
24. I'm prone to road rage.
25. I smell EVERYTHING. I have a hyper-active nose. This might be why it's so big. But I'll smell cups before I drink out of them, books, copied paper, etc.
26. I get envious of people too easily. It's another weakness I need to overcome. I'll never be anyone else but me.
27. I like to play video games. Yes, it's true.
28. I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I live by the standards and teachings of my church.
29. I love children. For the most part.
30. Older people intimidate me.
31. I'm a huge fan of Brian Regan.
32. I'm immature. I think the word poop is hilarious, hence it's high usage in this blog. I also enjoy a cleverly placed swear here and there.
33. I LOVE to pull pranks on people. Give me the opportunity and I will do what is necessary.
34. I used to lie in my Jr. High days. A lot.
35. I buy cheap clothes. I do not see the sense in spending tons of money for "name brand" clothes that come with holes and are already faded when I can spend $20 on a pair of jeans that look good and I like them. So suck on that.
36. Yes, I love technology. But not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology. Always and forever. (I really do love technology)
37. I actually kind of like math.
38. I still sleep with a teddy bear. Cory bought me one for my birthday at build-a-bear and the poor thing already looks hashed. Oh well, soon Cory will be my cuddle buddy.
39. I love to write. I suck at it, but I love to put my feelings out there and create/tell stories.
40. I would give anything to have a pet monkey.

Well there you have it ladies and gents. I know it's not much, but it's a start. Perhaps more will follow on a following date. Until then, I bid you a fond farewell.

I Cried During Field Day...

The title of this blog doesn't lie. Today was field day at school. Now let me set the scene for you. The school put together an Olympic event for the kids. We got to make our class flags and wear our colors. All the "athletes" marched into the opening ceremonies holding their flag while the Olympic music played. I wish I could have bottled the excitement that was in the air, it was so awesome! My adorable class chose to be "Mrs, G's Swarm of Bee's" so when we walked into the gym with our flag, the place echoed with little first grade voices chanting "Bees! Bees! Bees!" over and over again. They really had class pride. It made me so proud of them. And I let them be loud because dang it, tomorrow is the last day of school and I wanted them to have fun. So all the classes filed in and then spread out for our "warm up" before the competitions began. The woman in charge of the whole field day led them in their warm up. She had them do the Cha-Cha Slide, to the music and everything. This is where I started to cry. I know, I'm a dweeb. But watching all the kindergarten, first grade, and second grades having fun doing cute little dances and doing their best was so neat. And I was so happy for them that they got to participate in something so fun. Also, I'm going to miss the freakin crap out of them :'(. Well, after the warm up the kids went from station to station competing their best in the 50 yard dash, shuttle run, tug-0-war (which the teachers got their butts kicked in by the way), the long jump, sit ups, and push ups. When we rotated into the gym they had fun music playing. After a few minutes in there, the DJ started playing line dances so of course, the other first grade instructor and I took our class into the open area and danced our hearts out. It was so much fun!!! Following this, we had the closing ceremonies where each grade level was awarded their medals - and not some fakey medals, REAL medals. It was such a huge success and the kids had such an incredible time. Tomorrow is going to be hard to say goodbye. I'm of course excited to have a break but I'm going to miss the little stinkers.

Here is a picture of the tug-o-war.

Some Good News

Okay here's the update. I went to the Gyno yesterday. He said the cysts are nothing and they'll go away on their own. YAY!! He also said 70% of abnormal cell cases like mine go away on their own after 12 months. My other doctor never told me that! Here I was worrying for 6 months when it's really not that serious. I like my new doctor so far. He also said if my test that they took yesterday comes back abnormal still, there's a treatment they can do now that's easy and should help. So I'm feeling pretty happy. However, he also said the cysts are NOT the source of my pain in my side. He advised me not to do any more tests on it because the next step is a CT scan and that wont show anything more than what the ultra- sound showed. He said if it has occurred for longer than 6 months it becomes a chronic pain and then they can go in with a camera (requires a small incision) and take a look. So I'm hoping it goes away... we'll see. So that's what's going on. I'm feeling very relieved right now :)


I'm an Auntie!! Again!!

Say hello to Brock McLachlan! His birth is quite the story. Tory had a doctors appointment this morning. The doctor told her she would be having him either that night or tomorrow. Well, not even 2 hours later, they were at the hospital. But when they got there, a tornado touched down so the hospital was on lock down. Tory had him super quick, in a little over an hour - with no epidural. Way to go!! I cant wait to see him, but sadly that probably won't happen until he's already a month old. But I'm excited to have a nephew!!


"How Much Do I Owe You For Those Pearls of Wisdom?"

Some pearls of wisdom before I go to bed:
1. David Archuleta is still adorable and extremely talented and I'm going to buy his album when he makes one - and he will.
2. I wish there was a "Picking A Ripe Pineapple Idol" because tonight I would have tanked the competition.
3. I DO NOT miss high school. Never have, never will.
4. I'm completely at a loss for what to do with my Thursday nights now that The Office is over... maybe I'll go to yoga.
5. Adding another pillow to your sleeping ensemble can really give you headaches.
6. Carrie Underwood may have traded her innocence for cleavage and mini-skirts, but she's still the most beautiful person I've seen and I'd kill to look like her.
7. I'm tired, but in love and excited for the next 5 weeks or so in my life. Goodnight!!


When the Doctor Said I Didn't Have Worms Anymore, That Was The Happiest Day of My Life!

Hello friends! As you can see I did some tweaking to my blog page. It looks much better don't ya think? Anyway, it's been a few days so I'll fill ya in on what's going on.

Collin, my little brother - well I guess I should say younger brother because 6'4" is far from little - is coming home from his mission in exactly 1 month from tomorrow. I'm so excited I might die. I've missed him a lot. Hopefully he still has some normality in him because I'm planning on watching The Simpson's and The Office with him all week before the wedding lol. And I've called dibs on being the one who gets to show him Transformers. He's going to pee his pants! So I'm pretty excited for that.

The doctor called me. I have two small cysts on my left ovary. I'm really hoping she read the test wrong because my pain is on my right side.... so yeah. Anyway, they're now going to hand me over to the gyno, which I wont see till the 28th anyway, so there wont be any news on that for a bit. It hurts occasionally but I'm doing okay.

Yesterday Cory, my Mom, and I went and made our invitations. What basically happened was I told my Mom what I wanted and she moved the mouse around and Cory spent his time getting distracted until I called him back to ask him what he thought :). So the invites have been designed!! Now my Mom just needs to fix a typo (she spelled our last name wrong... yeah...) and then we can take it in to Costco and have them printed this coming week. It's so crazy!! The wedding feels more and more official with each major thing we get done. I also got my bridals done and I should have the proofs by Tuesday. I wont post any online though for fear of Cory peaking.

What else... Cory is getting more and more sunburned mowing lawns. I have two more weeks of school and then I'll be right there with him. I'm really excited. If you need a great summer job, go mow lawns for the Davis School District. It's a blast!! Cory is taking the summer off of school, it's a much needed break for him. Both he and I will be going to SLCC this fall, although I'll just be taking a couple online classes or something. He'll be going full time. I'm really anxious to get my schooling done.

So that's what's going on. I'm so excited to get married people!!! Cory is so perfect. I love him.



Time is going by so fast!! Yesterday Cory and I went and had our engagements done around downtown Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun and our photographer is way cool so it wasn't awkward at all. Tomorrow I got get my bridals done. He also said he'd have the cd done of the engagements tomorrow so I can post some soon. I cant wait to see how they turned out. Now we can start making invitations!!! And start/finish the video. I've been trying really hard to enjoy this time in my life. Everyone who's ever gotten married has told me they wanted to pull their hair out by the end of their engagement. I don't want to be like that. I'm never going to experience this again so I want to enjoy it while I can. It seems to be working. Today I actually wanted to go finish up some last minute planning and my Mom was the one who didn't feel like it... it was weird.

I also got some relieving news. I called the doctor today to find out the results of my second ultra-sound. The receptionist told me I have a cyst of some kind, but the doctor needs to look at it tomorrow when he gets in and call me back. Although a cyst isn't fun, at least I FINALLY know there the pain is coming from. And worst case scenario, I'll need very minor surgery to remove it. So I'm not worried and I'm not going to be unless there is a reason. I'll keep everyone posted on what happens. I feel like some kind of online drama show...

Also today, the kids had their "specials performance" that they do for their parents and the school to show what they've been learning in their specials classes. Today the class recited 3 poems and they did such an amazing job!! Everyone followed directions and did their best. I was beaming with pride and I even started to tear up... I'm such a softy. I'm really going to be sad the last day of school :(

Anyway, that's the update on life right now. It's getting pretty exciting!


A Milestone!!

Today is a great day. One year ago today, Cory and I started dating!! I seriously cannot believe a whole year has gone by. It's been a rollercoaster, but probably the best one I've ever been on. And the ride isn't even close to being over :)I'm just so excited to spend forever with my best friend. Time flies when you're having a great time.


Peace At Last

So I know I've been a major downer lately. I'm sorry, life has just been crazy. But last night I got some much needed relief. I was getting overwhelmed like I do every night again. So I got down on my knee's and pleaded for some strength and some help. I told the Lord I HAD to feel his love for me. I had to feel some kind of peace because I know Satan is working overtime to make me miserable. I told him I needed some protection from him so I could think straight. Well, I got what I needed. I felt so peaceful. I seriously felt like everything was just lifted off my shoulders.

I've been so stressed I haven't even been excited to get married. I'm happy to say the excitement is back again. I had so many worries and today I just feel at peace. I'm so grateful that the Lord heard and answered my prayer and gave me what I needed. I cant even tell how crushed by Satan's influence I felt last night. I was so upset I couldn't breathe. He has been putting so many thoughts and worries in my head. And I've noticed he's been adding more and more on. Last night I felt unworthy to go to the Temple, which is ridiculous! It's amazing how he works - he really is good at what he does, which is why it's so important to rely on the Lord. I'm so grateful the Lord helped me get rid of those stupid thoughts and worries. I read my patriarchal blessing again and it had a different meaning for me. I just felt so much love and peace while reading it. It was something I've been needing for a long time now. I cant put into words how grateful I am for the Lord and His amazing gospel. I'm so glad I'm a part of it. So, things are getting a little better. I feel much less stressed and I think today I might actually feel happy!! haha. Anyway, it was awesome and I'm so glad I was helped.


I'm opting for a change... can I have it now please?

So a lot of you have been asking for a health update. I wish I had one lol. I've been annoying the doctors office for 3 days now. Each time I've called them, the receptionist says she's going to call up to the hospital and call me right back, which of course she never does. Today I finally got an answer though. When they ordered the ultra sound, they said they wanted it of my abdomen and my pelvis. Well of course, they didn't do the pelvic one. So everything for the abdomen came back normal, but I have to go back in on Friday and have another freaking ultra sound done on my pelvis (i.e. reproductive organs). I'm kinda freaking out because if there's nothing wrong with the organs in my tummy, then whatever is causing the pain is a reproductive problem - again. I don't know what it is yet and I shouldn't worry. But I'm starting to think that my patriarchal blessing mentions baring children because its going to be hard to have them. I just have this gut feeling that's the case. Which sucks, for lack of a better word. So that's the health update. I still don't know anything and probably wont until this time next week, then I'm sure my doctor is going to hand me over to my OBGYN for further treatment which is more time. So who knows.

I'm mad about all this. I'm feeling a little betrayed. I get married in just over a month. This is supposed to be a happy time in my life and truthfully it hasn't been. I've been so stressed out about so many things. You know, I kinda live my life with one eye "over my shoulder" so to speak. My whole life, nothing good has happened without some kind of catch. So anytime something good happens, I'm always waiting for the sucker punch. People get after me a lot for thinking this way. "Good things just happen to people Megan, don't think there's always something else waiting for you." But there really is. All my life that's what has happened. Sure enough the crap continues. Yeah, I know its all part of the Lords plan. I know it'll make me stronger. I know all the comforting words people could try and give me now. I know those things. And I'm sure I'll rely on that when I'm done feeling so mad and upset about this. But right now, it's not making it any easier and I'm really really tired of it. I'm a worrier by nature. So telling me not to worry is like asking me to turn my leg inside out. It's really hard! I feel like I haven't even had a chance to get excited about being sealed to my best friend soon. That's all I want to think about right now is the happy stuff. And I am really trying my best to do that. But it's not easy and my brain (and I'm sure Satan to keep me miserable) keeps switching gears on me. I'm just tired of the bad. I want a break for a while. Is that too much to ask???


Thoughts of the day

Today was an interesting day. I survived the not being able to eat part - but of course today parents brought in treats for birthdays :(

So I went in to do the ultra sound. She looked right under my ribs for forever then finally asked "What are the things your doctor said this pain could be?" So I told her and she started looking right where the pain is. She was done like 3 minutes later... I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or not, but now I have to wait for the doctor to get the results before I'll know. I kind of had a break down last night after watching ER where a man's lover died. I came home and just lost it. I think I'm more stressed out than I think. I had my daddy give me a blessing which I greatly needed. It was a positive blessing which gave me more hope. So I'll keep people posted on what's going on. It turns out a lot more people read my blog than I think.

So switching gears there are a few reason today was good. I got a call from a friend I haven't heard from in a while and we talked for a long time. It was good to catch up with her. It was just like old times. And she was very caring. It was what I needed today I think.

Reason number 2, THE JAZZ WON!!! I'm a little nervous about facing the Lakers, but hopefully we can pull it off.

Reason number 3, Cory and I got to hang out with Dustin and Lacie. And although Cory was a grump, it was still fun. Plus Lacie and I got a few minutes to talk while I made our pudding pie and she told me some things that made me feel better. She's going to be a rad sister-in-law some day (hint hint Dustin lol)

So yeah, that was my day. It turned out pretty well.


School videos!!

This is a video I took in my math class today. I love these kids so much!! It's been such an awesome year with them. It's going to be hard not to cry on our last day of groups.

The kids love to play with the scooter boards in PE. This is Caleb enjoying himself :)

And finally, their favorite thing to do with the scooter boards.